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About Us

At Aircoffee we are passionate about specialty coffee, and we make an effort to to be local, with a presence at the street markets in Waipu, and nearly every Saturday morning at the Mangawhai Tavern Market, so drop by and sample a filter coffee, buy a bag of specialty coffee, or just have a chat. We are focused on supplying specialty coffee locally through our roasting business and attempt to supply organic, fairly traded coffee that is always packaged in compostable bags. Almost all of the coffee’s we roast are from single farms and we always aim to source very high quality green beans. We rely on our coffee suppliers to help with this and we are very pleased to have establish great suppliers, that visit the farms, and families growing and producing the coffee.

Our success roasting coffee is down to the success of our relationships in the community we are building with everybody – our green coffee suppliers, cafes, and those that love drink our roasted coffee.

NZ Specialty Coffee Assoc

The Roastery

Our roastery is is in Waipu Gorge, on the way to the Piroa falls. Roasting usually conjures up a romantic impression, but for us, it’s an intense process, with lots of noise, air, fire and heat. Roasting is done using control systems and accurate moitoring to consistently match our roast profiles. We record everything as a reference, and are aways aiming for the perfect roast. We take roasting very seriously ….

The perfect roast for us is one that is sensitive to promote all the flavours, nuances and characteristiics intended by the producer. We aim to find the balance point in maliard development for a balance in flavour and sweetness which is a very fine line.

All our coffee is roasted by us, using our air roasters, which innovatively extend traditional roasting techniques, and consistently give us the most awesome coffee experience. We love our Sivetz air roaster, and we maintain close connections with the Sivetz Coffee Company in USA. The roast profiles we develop and use for our choice of beans are perfected by lots of quality control work… drinking coffee is a ritualistic pleasure our tasters [us] do every day.. We strive to meet consistently high standards in our roasts to provide fresh, roasted beans to satisfy, and feed the obsession. …

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