Edwin Enrique Noreña – Sidra Bourbon

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Campo Hermoso Edwin Enrique Noreña Quindío, Colombia 1600 masl | Sidra Bourbon | Anaerobic Natural. Multi-stage fermentation.

This coffee from Yellow Rooster who helped moved this coffee into the market, describes the coffee as a Red Honey because of the amount of mucilage left on before dry milling, but it’s also a Carbonic Maceration because the first 168 hrs of in-cherry, sealed tank fermentation. Low oxygen fermentation tanks use a one-way valves for gas to escape but do not allow more oxygen to intrude. Mosto is a borrowed word from wine which refers to a liquid run-off that happens during this first fermentation phase. The liquid is collected, filtered, and added back into the second phase of fermentation after the coffee is de-pulped to the honey stage.

The very complicated process requires many days of controlled conditions, extra room, and intense labor, on top of the high risk of failure. When done right, the results are very rewarding, as it’s unlike any other cup of coffee. Right away, grinding this coffee releases many volatile compounds. The aroma is reminiscent of sweet cherry, giving hints of rose and red wine.

Organic compounds mix with acids and sugars, combining into a delicious rose and tart-cherry notes with brown sugar and a very fruity seductive experience. Lavender, thyme, lemon, cherry and exotic fruits will keep you going back for more…

The coffee bags and labels we use may not be too colourful, but the coffee is. It is important to us to use home compostible bags and labels, as even if these dont end up in your compost, they will obviously in some landfill.


Edwin Norena

Roasted in NZ   NZ Specialty Coffee Assoc



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