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About Us

Aircoffee is built on relationships. My neighbour is my best taster. We are passionate about espresso locally, and can be found at the local market second Sunday of the month, so drop by and sample a filter coffee, buy a bag of coffee, or just have a chat. We are focused on supplying coffee locally through our roasting business and supply only organic, fairly traded coffee that is packaged in compostable bags.

Our success roasting coffee is down to the success of our relationships in the community we are building with everybody – our green coffee suppliers, cafes, and those that love drink our coffee. If there is anything that can extend a relationship it’s “Hey, meet you for a coffee”. Things tend to expand from that. When the coffee is really good, and the barista is good with their their machinery, the result is normally intensely good.      

The Roastery

Roasting beans in New Zealand, the green beans come from obscure places worldwide and span cultural as well as very different economies. So just buying a coffee some place in New Zealand creates a whole raft of ethical considerations that stretch from the grower, growers market, the supplier that buys the produce and imports the beans. As a roaster in particular, there are a lot of responsibilities in getting things right, and then you still have roast the green beans to accentuate their best qualities.

For the best quality coffee in your cup, it starts with the best natural green bean product grown by people who care, and a network of great relationships down the chain for the supplier to import and supply those beans. The choices made by the roasters to ensure the quality and ethical responsibility of supply, are very important in the fundamental scheme of providing a fine cup of coffee and a clear conscience. We really like our suppliers, who aways ensure and help us to confidently, and responsibly provide the fairtrade organic green beans we roast.

All our coffee is roasted by us, using air roasters, which innovatively extends traditional roasting techniques, and consistently gives us the most awesome espresso in the cup. A dark, golden, nectar of deliciousness. The roast profiles we develop and use for our choice of beans are perfected by lots of quality control work… drinking coffee is a ritualistic pleasure our tasters [us] do every morning. We strive to meet consistently high standards in our roasts that provide fresh, roasted beans to satisfy, and feed the obsession …

NZ Specialty Coffee Assoc